12 January 2012

Sai Nandanvanam Mandir

 A big Shivalaya is erected near chakur town. It is known as Sai Nandanvanam. This Temple is situated in Chakur taluka, which is in Linga form. In the ancient time Chakur town was established by Chakradhar raja. Because of him, it was named as Chakrapur. Afterwards it is known as Chakur. Previously, Chakur was the important town in Ahmadpur tahsil. But after bifurcation of Ahmadpur tahsil, Chakur Tahsil was newly created. Chakur town is the main place of Chakur tahsil. Total area of the Chakur tahsil is 2548 hectare. It is situated on the Latur Nanded state highway which is 34 km from Latur town.
          A big Shivalaya is erected near chakur town. It is known as Sai Nandanvanam. The campus of shivalaya is ornamented by various trees , small temples and water fountains. The main idol was established in 16 jullay 2001, by the hands of satya saibaba. Therefore, it is known as Sai nandanvanam. Main building is in the form of Shivling. The sabhamandap of this mandir is twenty five feet in height. Total area of this temple is 33 acres. Shivling carved in black marble, is placed in temple. The shivling is 9 feet in length, and its weight is about 9 tons. There are idols of Shri krishna and Satya Saiababa beside the shivling. Sabhamandap is very decorative and the sight seen from here is also beautiful. The pradakshina marg is spherical. Idols of Lord Ganesha and Kartikay is placed at temple door. In front of Mandir There is a tree with golden leaves. In the campus area of Mandir  twenty to thirty thousand trees are planted.
        There is a water park in campus area. Here, the Boating facility is provided. Hill type structure is found here.  Many trees are planted here. A garden and a restaurant is formed here. A small railway track is found in Mandir campus, it provides darshan facility to the tourists. Presently, a new Saint Garden is being formed here. In this garden the murals of the great saints of the nation shall be established. Musical fountain is found in campus area. It dances on the music. The accommodation facilities provided here are so good. This place is became a excellent picnic spot in Latur district.