12 January 2012

Hatti Bet Dewarjan

Hatti bet is the another cave place in Latur district. This place is located near DevarjanVillage in udgirTahsil. this place is 3 km away from the village. It is very ancient place. There is a road available to reach the hill. There is a big campus. There were so many trees on the hill. There are three caves on the hill. These caves are kept very clean by the temple management. 
  There are so many historical places on this hill......
1)Shri Datta Sansthan:-
There is a cave a beautiful place, known as shree Datta sansthan. The slates and tiles are fixed in the cave. Beautiful makar is made by these tiles. It is very decorative. A marble idol of lord Datta is erected on big platform. Various types of pictures are formed in this cave. There is a nice temple of lord Hanuman outside of this cave.
 2)Samadhi Of Gangagiri Maharaj:-
  There is a samadhi ( tomb ) of Shri Gangagiri Maharaj in one of the cave of hatti bet. This place is very old and beautiful. Gangagiri Maharaj is the disciple (bhakt) of lord Balaji. It is told that lord Balaji came here and bless him. The idol of Gangagiri Maharaj placed in the cave is very simple. It is in sitting pose. And is covered with bhagva cloth. The Rambuwa family worshiping this samadhi regularly but now his sons are worshiping here. Rambuwa family has 30 acres of land which donated to this samadhi.
3) The Place Of Dharmapuri Rushi.
 There Is a place of dharmapuri rushi shown on this hill. 
4) Caves Of Hattibet.
 There are some caves behind this hill. There is a idol of lord Vishnu in one of this caves. It has a beautiful fecial  plaque (mask). Next to this there is a cave lane of Lord Rama, Laxmana and sita are sculpture. These idols are in standing position. This idol are obscure and less evgrvings. It is because of the rock found on this hill. This stone is not strong. The stone is in purple color. This cave is similar to the caves of Panhala Caves in Konkan. Outside of this cave there is a big Shivpind in square shape. It is known as Vishweshwar long because at the time of Gajendra Moksha lord ShivShankar visited here. 
5) Big Rock (Pashan) looks like a Elephant (Hatti).
 There is a big Rock found bottom of Hatti Bet. Which is known as Hattis  Pashan  (elephants rock). It is mentioned that there is a big lake away from this place. But it is not existing today. The myth is told about this, is that there is a crocodile who caught the leg of an elephant, in this lake. The elephant prayed the lord Vishnu, Lord Vishnu revealed the elephant from the crocodile and offered him Moksha at the bottom of this hill. This myth story is known as Gajendra Moksha Katha. So therefore this hill is known as Hatti Bet. And the large besalt rock at the bottom of the hill is considered as the elephant who offered the Moksha by Lord Vishnu. 
  The birth anniversary of the Lord Datta is celebrated with enthusiasm every year. The people from the near by villages gather here. On Dashera festival a big fair is held here. 
Before some years there was a mist of trees on this hill. But now a days because of the cutting of the trees and lack of the plantation trees are very less here. This is very pleasant and beautiful place. Specially in rainy season. Some streams of water flows here.