27 January 2012

Ganj Golai

      Ganjgolai is the main market place of latur town. It is famous for its particular (round shape, sphericity) construction. Roads from the diffrent parts of the city meets in Golai. So, it has got special importance. There is a Jagdamba devi Mandir inside the main building. It is situated in the centre of a building. Since 1968, Jagdamba devi navratra mohatsav and her festival is being celebrated in Ganjgolai. A statue of goddess Jagdamba is inside the temple. Before some years, few people were paying attention towards this. But some devotees took interest in rebuilding the temple. They are inspired by the sharad utsav. Which is celebrated in this temple. After some years, at the centre of Ganjgolai, new building was constructed, And in 6th october 1989, the beautiful idol of the goddess jagdamba mata was established here. she is in shape of Mahishasur Mardini. she has eight hands and she holding various weapons in it. Her face is towards the west. Total height of the idol is 8 fit.