12 January 2012

Sadashiv Mandir Bhutmungli

     This Mandir is situated in Bhutmungli village of Nilanga Tahsil. It is also known as Sadashiv Mandir. A person named Bhootnath Maharaj was lived here, so that the name of the village had been taken on his name. This village is situated 14 km away from Nilanga Tahsil. The total area of this village is 786.68 sq hectors. There are 450 to 525 houses were found here.
   This old hemadpanthi Mandir is situated in the middle of the village. It is in good condition. There are three gabharas (the area where the idols of god and goddess are fixed)  in the temple. There are the images of attendants , dancers, and god and the goddess are carved on the walls of the Temple. there is a Mukhmandap , Sabhamandap ,and Antaral (Gabhara) to the Mandir. There is nothing carved on the pillars of the Sabhamandap, it has been kept plane. On the entrance gate of Gabhara Rangoli is carved on the stone and 3/3 attendants are also carved on the stone frame. There is a  Shiv Pind in the main Gabhara. it has a face poloque (Mask) . On the other hand there is second gabhara where the fine carved mural idols of Lord Shiva and parvati is situated, it is worked out beautifully. And in the third gabhara there is a broken mural of  Lord Vishnu. In the Sabhamandap there are the murals of Nagshila (Snake idols In the form of male and Female) , Shesha Vishnu and Goddess Saraswati in sitting position. There the six pillars inside the Sabhamandap. There is a beautiful carving on the roof of the Mandir. There is a celebration in the month of Shravan here.
   Bhutmungli is a small village. The main occupation of the villagers is prominently agriculture.