21 December 2011

Navkund Zari Mandir

Navkund Zari is a village in the Chakur tahsil. There is temple of Siddheshwar Nagnath in this village which is famous not only in Chakur but also in India. This place is also known  Kashi of South India. Village is also located towers north west of Chakur. Total area of this village is 1474 hectares. This village is famous as religious place. village is about 34 km away from Latur.
        There are twelve Jotirlings in our country. There are three temples of Siddheshwar in Maharashtra,such as Latur, solapur,and aland. And there is a temple of Nagnath in aundha Nagnath. But joint temples of Siddheshwar and Nagnath are found only in North Kashi and Navkund Zari.
       The experts are said that this temple was built in TretaYoug. When lord Ram was in exile,he created nine kundas here by calling navgrahas (planet). Most of this kundas are now ruined. But now only four kundas are in good condition. There are idols of Narsimha, Sheshasai Vishnu, and Mahadev in these kundas. These kundas are always full with water. The water of two kunda is used for drinking and another one is used for bathing.