17 December 2011

Ramlingeshwar Mandir

              Ramlingeshwar Mandir is situated towards the west of Siddheshwar Mandir in latur town. It is believed that! Ramlingeshwar Mandir to have built during the reign of the legendary king Tamradhwaja. In the center of courtyard there is a cloister surrounded by masonry compound wall against its inner course. The temple has a 44.20 * 10.67 meter Mandap hall. Mandap Hall was added later date. Its middle portion is paved with colored marble tiles. Herein is the statue of Nandi and on the other side two small ling on vestibule entrance. Two more ling are housed in the vestibule! one is on pedestal and other bigger one is on the floor. On the top of the larger linga there is a creative fissure. And it is supposed to represent the wound the king received from the sword in the battle. King was devout of Raamlingeshwar. He was a worshiper of him. A shikhar crowns the temple.