17 December 2011

Surat Shahawali Dargah

             Shri Surat Shahawali Dargah is situated in patel chowk, old Ram Galli. This Dargah is attached with shri Chintamani Parshwanath digambar Jain Mandir. This Darga is famous not only in Marathwada region but also in Maharashtra. It was build in A.D. 1939. It is said that Saint Saifulla Shaha Sardari took Samadhi here. He was a resident of Katak, Gujrat. It is mentioned that they are masquerading as tiger while sleeping. It is said that Surat Sahawali had appeared for blessing to grand father Nanhesab Hasanoddin Mujawar son of Yusuf Namijoddin Mujawar before 110 years ago.
  Fair is held here for five days in the month of jun/july every year, according to muslim months fair start from Jamadeel Awal. During the fair Shri Siddheshwar Mandir Comity honoured coconuts and chaddar of flowers , in the procession the Green flag is given to this Dargah. At the same time of Siddheshwar fair Surat Sahawali Dargah also honoured same to Shri Siddheshwar Mandir, and in the procession the Saffron Bhagwa flag is given to Shri Siddheshwar Mandir. This old tradition bitween these two set a good example of unity bitween Hindu and Muslim Community.