17 December 2011

Datta Mandir Latur

       Shri Datta Mandir is situated in latur town. It is another famous datta mandir in Latur town. It is situated on latur ausa road. In 1964-65, head of Sadanand Peeth, shri Balgovindanand Saraswati considered that Latur is the place Where the Guru is living invisibly. Shri Balgovind Saraswati Maharaj is the resident of Basav Kalyan a small town in Karnataka. Shramati V G Kulkarni from Kolhapur was the deciple of Balgovind Saraswati. She had come in latur in 1966. She purchased the land from poor farmer. she established Swayanbhue Paduka here. And from that day, the function of Datta Jayanti is being celebrated here, for the erection of this mandir. She has given good contribution in it. first it was a small temple, by the by it is recreated as a big mandir. In  front of main Gabhara there is a Big Sabhamandap. In this Sabhamandap, there is a platform which is about 40 fit long and broad. This platform is divided into four parts. In the first part, there is a idol of Slivling and Vitthal Rukumai. In the second part, there is a idol of Shivpind, Ganpati and Maruti. And in the third and fourth part, two types of idols of Lord Datta is established. There is a cell under the platform.Many agnikundas are found inside the cell. There are five Holly trees inside the Mandir.