17 December 2011

Papvinashi Mandir

    Papnashi mandir situated at the northern part of the city. As indicated by an inscription found in the temple, This Mandir seems to have been built during the period of Someshwar III of the Chalukya dynasty. This inscription is dated in the saka year 1049 (1128 AD), which comes in the empire of Someshwar III. The inner shrine of the temple containing the Linga formation. Which is known as Bhuteshwar. The inner shrine is 10*10 with a 3 feet wide circumambulate passage. A 20*20 tin roofed sabhamandap hall has recently been added to it. It is very important temple in Latur. Tourists visiting this temple after siddheshwar temple.
     Papvinashi teerth is situated towards the north of this temple. It is also known as Pushkar Teerth. It is one of the most important teerth in Latur town. It has a great historical background. Teerth is surrounded by a beautiful sight.
   Once upon a time, a cow was accidentaly got killed by the Bhatadwaj rushi. so he wanted to be free from his sin. So, he asked his father that is there any way? to got free from his sin. His father told him that he should go to Siddhakhetra and get bath in Papvinashi Teertha. So, as per his fathers Suggestion  he went to Siddhakshetra and bathed in Papvinashi Teertha.  He was free from his sin. He himself got satisfaction. That is the resion why this Teeerth named as Papvinashi Teertha. People living here also believed that one who bathe here become free from all his sins.
     Towards the south of this Teertha there are the temples of Lord Bhuteshwara And Lord Hanuman. There is a Sati Samadhi found right behind the Bhuteshwar Mandir. It is believed that a women get Sati here.