17 December 2011

Bhimashankar Mandir

  Shri Bhimashankar Mandir is located in Mali Galli, out of the town and surrounded by a green fields. It is said that This temple was built by only stones in hemadpanthi style. But old temple is not available here. Now some monuments are existing here. The masonry roof covering the gabhara might have been built before 200to250 years ago. There is a shivling shining like a granite. Its arc is about 1.5 feet. There is a samadhi of garibnath baba. Garibnath baba was always starving and keeping mum. He has been died in 1948 during the time of police action. Behind the shivpind there is a idol of Lord Vishnu. It is near about 3.5 feet high and having four arms. The arms hold various weapons like club, shell, chakra and lotus. Now a days new sabhamandap has been recently constructed in cement concrete. In front of this beautiful mandir there is a rectangular shaped small Teeth having some steeps. There are tow virgals having some idols on it. New statue of Nandiis established inside the sabhamandap.