17 December 2011

Keshavraj Mandir

             Keshavraj Mandir is situated at the south west of Shri Siddheshwar mandir. The ancient sanctum sanctorum (Gabhara) of this mandir is built in stone masonry. Sanctum sanctorum of this temple is having a few monolithic pillars for its cornerstone. This shrine is in more or less Hemadpanthi style. In this sanctum sanctorum a 1.129 mtrs tall idol if lord Keshavraj is in standing position. The mandir is facing towards the east. There is a short connecting passage linking the inner and outer shrine. This Mandir has two entrances gates one is on east and other one is on north side. Towards the right of the temple few cloisters have been provided. It appears that it had a protective wall. Internal Sabhamandap of this mandir is very big around 65*60 ft approximately. There are some dilapidated remains scattered here and there.
 The idol of lord keshavraj was found in deep forest in 12th Century to some Shepherds and they established and worshipped the idol. The idol is different than rest of Keshavraj idols found in the country. This idol has all 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu carved on it. The idol also has carvings of Lakshmi (wife of Lord Vishnu) on left bottom and Brihaspati (Teacher of all Gods) and Narada (a divine Sage). Even though exact timeframe of this idol is not known, historians say it is atleast 1000 years old.