03 December 2011

Virat Hanuman Mandir Latur Town

Shri virat hanuman mandir is located in parivar housing society near ausa road latur. The construction of this temple is quit diffrent from other temples. this temple is also sorrounded by beautiful garden. the base of this temple is near about 12 fir high. The bae is covered by sangamravari floors. Beautiful and coloured steps are arrenged to dimp on. on the first platform the second rectangular platform has been built and on this platform the idol of shree Hanuman is estblished. This idol is neary 25 fit high. It is very big in size and is coloured in scarlet (shenderi) colour. The idol is in standing position and looking very calm, The idol holds gadha in his one hand and another hand is on its loin. There are two big artificial lamps built in concret. The atmosphere arround this temple is very delightful.