05 December 2011

Gouri Shankar Mandir

                       Gouri shankar mandir is located in market yard latur latur. This mandir was built under the guidance of pre MLA shri Shivajirao Patil Kavekar. It is not a regular cement concret structure, it is built in sangamrawar tiles. There is a garden on the both sides of the temple. All the marchants in market yard have given good co-ordination to it. Its base is five to ten feet high from the floor. The sabhamandap is occupied the area of 20*30 feet. In the inner part of the gabhara, there is a shivling and to the back of it, there are the idol of Shankar, Parwati and Lord Ganesh, both the idols are carved in sangamravar stone. The atmosphere arround the temple is very natural. The Shikhar of this temple is in south indian type.