26 November 2011

Fort Of Udgir

There are two forts in district.One is Ausa Fort and another one is Udgir Fort.Udgir is important town in Latur district. The area of Udgir town is 20.5 sq.km. Geographically this town is situated in eastern pleany region of the district. Udgir is the second big town in Latur district. The municipal council was established in 1953 here. The region around this town is hilly and mountainous. This is an important trade center because it is located near Karnataka boundary.Udgir town was once walled town of some extent, but today hardly anything remains of the wall.This town mainly known for its historic fort which today is in good condition, though the buildings inside have crumbled down.
During the war between Moghals and the Bijapurs this fort was one of the strongest fort in the Bijapur region, was frequently besieged.In 1636 Khan Dauran, The Moghal General after devastating the territory round about laid siege to the fort at the orders Shahjahan which capitulated on sep 28 , 1636. In the battle of Fetekherda in 1724 the Nizam became victorious against Mubariz Khan and virtually became and independent ruler in the Deccan. After almost a century of direct Moghal domination the district along with a place passed under the Nizams sovereignty. Udgir is aslo remarkable as being the place where in 1760 a great battle was fought between the Nizam and Marathas. The Marathas emerged triumphant and according to the terms of the treaty concluded on Feb 4, 1760. The Nizam had to cede territories with sixty lakhs rupees.
This Udgir fourt contains the Samadhi of Udgir Buva, deeply revered saint on account of whose blessings the construction set to have been completed. The chamber containing 464 mtr.Samadhi is only 114m entered through a lovely constructed door.It studded with a coloured marble tiles. On the top of samadhi are placed a Linga, couch shell and a Nandi